Experiences teach people like us to offer extra new services on combined freight transportation serving the demand of fast delivery to be on-times required by the actual buyers at destinations.

On-time delivery is our duty to serve our clients and to find the less-paid solutions for our clients is our efforts and abilities to make our clients happy. Understood people say nothing free and our clients also don’t want us to serve them free too but we are so sure that they want low costs, competitive and reliable fast as their mine wanted.

So, the alternatives to the fats delivery demanded, meet the dateline of delivery, we come out the solutions of this combined freight transportation which is cost a bit higher than traditional waterway of transportation
but 100% lower cost than full air freight services. A savable solutions of modern transportation services is optional.


  • Sea-Air Services (Can be via Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Inchon and Dubai)
  • Land-Air Services (Can be via Vietnam and Thailand)
  • Land-Sea Services via Vietnam ports

All drivers are TWIC certified – Transportation Worker Identification Credential